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October 21st     10:24 pm

The whole no pet policy starts to make sense when you wind up living next to someone whose poodle barks and howls at all hours. It’s adorable but it also drives me a little bit nuts at 3 am.

October 21st     10:16 pm


Nosferatu the VampyreSubmitted by dieorfree

October 21st     10:14 pm


Sadie Frost and Winona Ryder in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”

October 15th     8:29 pm


Portrait of Catherine Gray,Lady Manners (detail),1794.Thomas Lawrence.

October 14th     6:18 pm

October 12th     5:21 pm

Close To You by Carpenters

October 12th     5:19 pm

October 12th     5:11 pm

October 12th     5:11 pm

October 8th     7:35 pm

October 8th     7:33 pm

It’s so unpleasant to lie and tell someone you love them when you really don’t.

October 4th     4:15 pm

“ Why do we always choose the opposite of what we want? I think, because we don’t want to be dependent. When two people love each other, they don’t love in the same way. One of them is strong, the other is weaker. And the weaker is always the one who loves without reckoning, without reservation. It feels now as if I’ve awakened from some kind of dream after some other kind of life. For some reason, I always offered resistance. I fought against something. I defended myself, just as though I’d had someone else inside me saying: don’t give into anything, don’t go along with anything or you’ll die. ”

The Sacrifice, dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1986.  (via heartvoyage)

October 4th     4:14 pm

October 4th     4:11 pm